Meet the modern way to manage your business or job remotely

This is the all-in-one productivity platform designed to do your work for you so that you can live a happier and much more rewarding life.

What is Analytics Option? 

Analytics Option is your go-to option for outsourcing any business  or job-related work for teams and individuals. We do what needs to be done quickly and on a tight budget.

We have partnered with Fiverr to bring attention to an exclusive new service that's been developed specifically to meet your needs. It has been curated to only include the best, exclusive, and most high -quality Fiverr services you can think of. Everything has been handpicked for quality and affordability. 

We want to ease the burden that many small businesses have gone through by offering you a sophisticated platform to manage your business prospects efficiently.

Why should you sign up?

We cost less but do more than a traditional business system that involves multiple employees focusing on one task. With us, you can hire a skilled team of professionals with decades of experience to manage all your tasks for a lower price altogether which will improve the overall quality and efficiency of your business or work. The reason why these high-quality services are so affordable is due to the bulk orders that we send to them, our discount becomes your discount! You can also have your work improved or revised at no additional cost if you are not happy.

Signing up for this service (team and project management as well as your customer success manager) will cost you a discounted monthly fee of $30! Hurry up because next year this service will cost you $150 monthly.

What can we do for your business?

You can get any business-related work done with us securely, whether it be accounting and sales or research and advertising you can get it done knowing your work is in safe hands. Fiverr's professionals will even sign an NDA at your request.

We help people around the world by managing their projects for them. We believe that by automating certain functions of business we can eliminate overhead costs that slow production down and prevent you from achieving long-term goals.

We follow a simple 3 step process to manage your projects. We first find out what your priorities are or what your business is trying to achieve (for example sales). Then we organize those objectives according to how long it will take to be completed. Thereafter we get your team set up and assign professionals to assist in improving the quality of your projects.

We also allow you to communicate internationally with freelancers so that you can find the best talent for your projects.

The services offered include anything from Data Entry and Marketing to Brand Design and Illustration. To be a bit more specific your Fiverr Business Account can support needs such as graphics & design, digital marketing, writing & translation, video & animation, music & audio as well as programming if you ever need that tech guy.

Simply contact your Customer Success Manager to find out more about the services they can offer.

What if you need to work in a large team?

You will be able to work in a team of up to 50 members and all of your work will be hosted securely with our partner Fiverr. If you have more members just contact your manager. 

How is the new Fiverr Business Account more affordable?

For just $30, your Business Account will provide you with affordable services from both freelancers for an entire year. The most affordable options (service costs) will be chosen for you depending on the size of your projects. One of the main reasons as to why this way of managing a business is so much cheaper is because you don't pay an hourly rate to workers, instead you pay for the work, and only once it's done and you're satisfied.

Let your environment motivate you to work harder

All of your tasks, communication, delivery, and budgets can be organized and managed in one dashboard with this business tool. You can share a payment method with team members, bookmark and share preferred sellers for easy access, and reach out to a Business Success Manager for assistance in finding the perfect sellers. Sellers are the people who you are looking to hire.

Benefits of working with us

How to Get Started? 

Getting started is quick and simple. You will also be given a step by step walkthrough for each step when you sign-up, but for now, here's how to get started in just 4 steps:

Step 1 - Sign Up and Create a Team

After you sign up on the 'sign-up' page, you can ask others to join your team so that you can keep track of all of your orders in one place, share a payment method, and cooperate more effectively.

Only admins can invite new members. An administrator can also terminate a member's membership or revoke an invitation extended to a potential member. Non-Fiverr Business users can get invitations via email, but they must first sign up for a Fiverr account to participate on the Fiverr Business platform. 

To invite additional people to join your team:

  1. Once logged in, click on Team on the top menu bar.
  2. Click on the Invite button found in the top right corner.
  3. You'll get a pop-up window to add the email address, click Send Invite. If you wish to add more people, just click on "invite another person."

Step 2 - Start a Project

The Projects feature in your Fiverr Business account will allow you to create several projects, as well as related team members and orders, to ensure successful project management while also providing a tailored experience based on the projects' characteristics.

Large and medium-sized organizations can use the Projects and Orders pages to create projects, invite members to projects, archive and delete projects, and track project spending.

From the Orders menu, you can:

  • View your orders (By clicking on the orders and the number of orders, the project task will lead to the Orders menu, automatically filtered by the Project selected).
  • Manage the project Members added
  • View the project details
  • Create a new Archive the Project
  • Leave the Project 

Step 3 - Find a Service

How to search for a service on the platform:

  1. On the homepage, in the search bar that appears at the top of the page, enter the service you are looking for, and click on the green Search button.
    Then enter the service in the homepage banner area and click on the Search button.

  2. Once you have been directed to the results page, you will see several filters at the top of the page. Whilst these filters may vary depending on the category or subcategory of your service, you can set your preferred budget, delivery time, and specific seller details that will enable you to narrow down your search for the perfect seller for the service you require.

The most common filters we see are:

  • Delivery Time: Filter sellers based on your preferred delivery time.
  • Budget: Filter your search between two price points.
  • Online Status: See if the Seller is logged in to Fiverr's platform in real-time.

Depending on the category, you may see more filters. For example, Graphics & Design has "Style," "File Format," and "Service Includes" that help narrow down your service requirements and ensure better results.

    Step 4 - Get a Quote

    How to Get a Quote:

    1. Find your Gig of choice by browsing through the thumbnails on the homepage, category, or subcategory pages. It is also possible to go directly to a Seller's profile page if you know their username.
    2. Once logged in, from the marketplace on the homepage or category/subcategory pages, click the Seller's Gig you would like to order.
    3. Click Get a Quote on either the Seller's profile or Gig page.
    4. Describe the specific service you are looking for and attach any relevant files (up to 1GB). This will help the seller cater to your specific request.
    5. Select the specific criteria for your order. For example, you can select gender, language, age range, purpose, accent, and so on. This is optional and varies based on the type of service you require.
    6. Select the service delivery time expected upon order placement.
    7. Enter your budget for the service requested (optional).
    8. Click Submit Request.
      The Seller will receive your request and reply with a quote. You may decline or continue to purchase.

    We recommend communicating with the seller before making any payments.